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In 2001 we created a family business in Istanbul, named EGETRANS ULUSLARARASI TASIMACILIK VE DIS TICARET LTD.STI. which became a reliable partner for local and international customers with its newest logistics services in a 13 years.

EGETRANS ULUSLARARASI TASIMACILIK provides faultless-fast-continuos service satisfying thus clients’ needs.  EGETRANS ULUSLARARASI TASIMACILIK is an experienced global logistics company which possesses experienced staff, good transportation facility and equipment, advanced business solutions, creative R & D group, local and international offices, cavernous stores and warehouses, providing flexible and innovative logistics services for satisfy customers’ needs.

Our vision

To become a partner for international and local companies in the Balkans, Turkey, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Our goal

  • To provide reliable and effective solutions for our customers according to the ethical values and with respect of the environment in selected categories and target markets.
  • To generate our potential growth and share our srevices whole over the world.
  • We pretend to become the main company which provides the most appropriate service within the shortest possible time to our customers.

Our values

A high level loyality towards our clients
According to the expectations of our customers, our aim is to help them to achieve sustainable growth in their business areas and to increase their commitment by providing renewed services and solutions as fast as possible.

Reliability under any circumstances
We try to create trust-based relations with customers, employees and all related parties fulfilling every kind of commitments on time and in full.

Solution Focus
As we have enough experience our company anticipates  customers’ wishes providing them with an appropriate solutions.  We learn from our own mistakes using a negative experience for development purposes and thus obtain the expected results.

Responsibility and perfectionism
Being an achievement-oriented company however, we are sensitive to customers’ needs and make quick and correct solutions. We work with responsible achievement-oriented personnel.

Continuous Innovation

We produce new and creative ideas and suggestions, we are open to new trends supporting all kinds of creative reworks which are to be able to  increase customers’, employee’s and all other parties’ satisfaction.

Value creation
Uur goal is to exist; a value creation of our organization between our customers, our employees and all our other stakeholders. We aim to create personal “surplus value” as individuals who offer solutions that contribute to the institution’s overall performance and who use initiative to implement them. Our aim to use creative achievement-oriented personnel  to enhance the efficiency of the organization.

Commitment to ethical values and environmental compliance
We cooperate with our employees, customers, shareholders and other business partners on a transparent, long-term, permanent and honest basis, always taking into consideration national and international legal and ethical principles according to our local and international environmental standards in accordance with our customers’ expectations.

Our staff is the most strong and competent inthe logistics sector. We make all kinds of investment in our staff,  providing with technological tools and enable them to use their talents in order to reach high – grade  of personal development. We are building a connection  with our personnel by boosting their self-esteem.